Cake Wars 2020 Delicious Success

The creativity was really flowing on Sunday, January 26. Baker Chapel held it’s annual Cake Wars with proceeds benefiting the God Squad Youth Group. This year there were some very imaginative and delicious cakes up for auction.

Each year, our children and youth make a decorated cake with an adult or by themselves. After they are judged and everyone has an opportunity to see the beautiful cakes, we then auctioned them off to the highest bidder. This year there were 29 cakes submitted for auction and a total of $2,730.00 was raised for the Youth Group.

Thank you so much to everyone in the congregation who participated. We had so much fun and the funds raised were greatly appreciated by Jeff and Noel Loehr to put toward the Youth Group Mission Trip.

Cake Awards

Most Lovable Cake
Heart Cake
By Evellyn Houchin

BB8 Cake

Top Honorable Mention
Star Wars BB-8 Cake
By Jake Davis and Tanner France

Owl Cake

Wisest Cake
Owl Cake
By Ruby Fisher and Aunt Cori

Fruit Loop Cake

Loopiest Cake
Froot Loop Cake
By Ben Davis

Ball-Ball Cake

Double Dribble Cake
Reese’s Pieces Basketball Cake
By Carter Payne and Daddy

Panda Cake

Pandamonium Cake
Panda Cake
By Sami Fortune and Mawmaw Gayle

Chocolate Chip Cake

Cookie Monster’s Favorite
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
By Mady and Amy Daughtery

Chocolate Gator Cake

The Cake with a Bite
Chocolate Cupcake Croc
By Brody Perigo and Grandma

Candy Land Cake

Most Original Cake
Candy Land Cake
By Audrey Hurley and Popi

Flower Cake

Prettiest Cake
Sunflower Cake
By Hadley Dusch and Grandma

Dirt Cake

Cake with the Most Dirt
Dump Truck Cake
By Wesley Green

Pizza Cake

Favorite Cake
Aiden Leno Pizza Cake
By Aiden Perigo and Grandpa

Olaf Cake

Elsa’s Choice for Coldest Cake
Olaf Cake
By April, Aubrey, and Brenna Buxton

Cheeseburger Cake

Most Creative Cake
Cheeseburger and Fries Cake
By Caden Buxton and Stacey Buxton

Pink Heart Cake

Heartiest Cake
Pink Heart Cake
By BB and Claire Hurley

Confetti Cake

Wackiest Cake
Confetti Cake
By Jade Roettger

Ice Cream Cake

WOW Cake
Ice Cream Cake
By Abigail Broster

Galaxy Cake

Out of this World Cake
Galaxy Cake
By Madi Reynolds and Mom

Basketball Cake

Nothing But Net Cake
Basketball and Net Cake
By Elijah Broster and Mom

Beach Cake

Life’s a Beach Cake
Beach Cake
By Wyatt Broster and Mom

Rainbow Cake

Most Colorful Cake
Rainbow Cake
By Amaya Chavez and Mom

Strawberry Cake

Berry Pretty Cake
Strawberry Cake
By Neveah Roettger

Geode Cake

Best Overall Cake
Blue Geode Cake
By Aimee Wilson and Aunt Dana

Piggy Cake

Makes You Smile Cake
Pink Piggy Cake
By Charlotte and Chelsea House

Yoda Cake

The Force Be With You Cake
Baby Yoda I Am Cake
By Moi Fortune and Aunt Carmen

Cactus Cake

Desert Dessert Cake
Cactus Cake
By Sophia Chavez

Tank Cake

Salute to Service Cake
Tank Cake
By Rueger Reynolds and Mommy

Dirt Cake

Let’s Play in the Dirt Cake
Dump Truck Cake
By Maverick Houchin

Whale Cake
By Molly Fortune