Our History

A church isn’t just a building. It is the people who gather together to worship that make a church. The history of Baker Chapel is a true reflection of the preceding avowal.

The site of Baker Chapel first became a place to worship during the first half of the nineteenth century when Thomas Baker came on a daily basis to pray in an area surrounded by a cluster of massive oak trees. In the early 1840’s settlers from the DeGonia Springs area constructed the first chapel from rough logs. The structure was named after Thomas Baker who had spent many hours in prayer on the site asking God for a church in his community.When the log structure became too small, it was razed and a second house of worship was built in 1861. It measured 20 feet by 30 feet, had two window on each side, and was furnished with a hand made straight back benches.

The third church building was built in 1903. The picturesque, white wooden chapel served as a place of community worship for more than 100 years. In 1985, an addition was built in much the same means as the initial log building, that is, with unpaid labor from our locality. Over 60 volunteers from ten churches came together to lend a hand in constructing a fellowship hall, kitchen, five classrooms, and a new restroom.

On November 6, 2005, a tornado swept through the area destroying property and taking precious lives. In its deadly path was our DeGonia Springs country chapel. The church building and the addition were completely destroyed forcing the congregation to face the rebuilding of a fourth Baker Chapel. Our tradition and history were repeated by the extraordinary kindness of volunteer labor. The church was blessed and humbled with an outpouring of workers from our own church members, churches in our community and state, the Amish community. When word spread nationally about the destruction of the church, New York Fire Fighters and Policemen from the New York Says Thank You Foundation along with people from all over the United States assisted in the construction of a new state of the art house of worship.

A church isn’t just a building. It is the people who gather together to worship that make a church. We thank God everyday for everything He has blessed us with over the years. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Baker Chapel is committed to celebrating God, supporting one another, growing in Christ, serving others, and reaching people in Jesus’ name.

Worship service begins at 9AM every Sunday. We hope you will join us in celebrating God and all of His glory.